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About the Board
Established 1939 W.S. ยง33-12-119 through 33-12-140.

The Wyoming Board of Cosmetology, mandated to protect the public, issues licenses to individuals who qualify by reciprocity or through the Board's administration of a written and practical examination. The board issues licenses to cosmetologists, hair stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, independent contractors, and instructors; to salons; and to schools. The Board enforces regulation by inspections, by investigation of consumer complaints, and conducts hearings and imposes enforcement action when appropriate.

Day to day operations of the Board are overseen by an Executive Director employed by the Board, agency staff members, and an Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Board. Office operations include Administration, Licensing and Examinations, and Enforcement. The Board is a regulatory agency for the Cosmetology profession and its related fields.